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The ChiLUG website has certain properties as part of its operations. Some of these are outlined here.


As ChiLUG is a family oriented organization, all submitted content should abide by the same rules adopted by the group. This means that you should only submit material (text or images) which are according to these standards.


While we do our best to provide accurate information, ChiLUG assumes absolutely no liability for any consequences related to any content on the website. This includes details of scheduled events which may be cancelled with little or no advance notice.


This website uses cookies and other forms of storage to assist with operations and performance. Data collection is for ChiLUG usage only. We do not share or sell the data to others.

Cookies are used on this system to assist in data transport between the different pages of the website and subsequent visits to the website. They also store preferences such as color schemes, fonts, and other theme choices you may have selected. Note that cookies are attached to the device. So if you access this website from more than one device, each device may have different content than the others.


This website uses Javascript for the purposes of interactive features (such as alerting and math functions) and management of elements. Those visitors who disable Javascript in their browsers will not have that functionality and may not be able to use some areas of this website.

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If you experience any problems with the operations or content of this website, please let us know. You should provide as much detail about the situation as you can so that we may be able to identify and correct it quickly. Please send any requests to:

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