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Our members have some amazing talent! Here you will find some of the information which our members have provided about themselves.

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Alysa Kirkpatrick


I graduated with a degree in Architecture and have been building with LEGO as a adult ever since. I specialize in replica and landscapes and art.

Buffy the Builder


I am a mother and grandmother with a passion for representing real life with Lego. I am known for my scale model of the City of Chicago, but I do many other smaller builds as well. Recently I recreated the island Mont Sant Michel with its iconic monestery. I also enjoy the challenge of creating objects in Lego, such as a phone, tool set, and my cat. Hope you enjoy my builds as much as I do!

Joel Frazin

Life long Lego fan aside from entering my dark age at 13 and exiting at age 34 when my nephew started playing with Lego. He is no longer into Lego so I inherited all his bricks about 10 years ago (most of which I probably bought anyway). My Great uncle Ben and his four brothers held the first license from Lego to manufacture and distribute Lego in North America. As a child I would periodically get a lego set from my aunt Reva, usually a city set, and that is what got me started with Lego. I do not build as much as I would like to and I don't have the skills of my fellow group members, but I do enjoy swapping ideas and the camaraderie of doing shows. My current focus of interest are trains in holiday settings like Halloween and Winter Village.

John Thornton


John Thornton is a LEGO fan who has been building with LEGO elements for over 45 years. John builds models of ships (RMS Titanic, etc.), and many different vehicles (from everyday vehicles like firetrucks and limousines, to vehicles from different movies (and some TV shows). His models are all custom builds, for more accurate details.

John has been a member of ChiLUG since the group was founded, and is a past President and Event Coordinator. Johns main focus now are Lego events at Chicago-area Childrens Hospitals, and a few other unique events throughout the Midwest. John has also done commissioned builds of specific vehicles, and donation builds (models built and donated to be raffled off in order to raise money for worthy causes). LEGO has published an article authored by John regarding how to build realistic-looking vehicles.

John has a few of his collection of LEGO vehicles posted on Brickshelf at

Terry Erickson


Some of my most often displayed models are shown here. There are many vehicles including an ambulance, ice cream cart, pet rescue truck, and a bookmobile. Some of my animals include the angry mosquito, centipede, turtles, beetle, sheep, and cow (often called a dog). The cactus, dice, and cup-inet drawer are used to show building techniques to visitors. The lighthose is well liked at events too. I built the organ (often called a piano) as a tribute to my mom who loved to play one. The crane was built recently and has not been to a display event yet.

I have created a Lego Aquarium model which I am proud of. It is designed to be a realistic tabletop aquarium, without the work or expense of the real thing. The Aquarium has been quite popular at display events. I have recently updated the model to include storage drawers in the base and a few additional items in the tank. I have recently submitted this model to the Lego Ideas site in the hopes that it may eventually become an actual Lego produced set. You can view the page and support the project at:

My most elaborate model so far is the Family House. It started out as a small mobile home. Soon it grew into a thin enclosed multi-level house. I created this version with the open back when I started to display it publically. The current version offers a much better view of the insides than the first two models did. This was designed to fit inside of a large suitcase so that I could transport it to events more easily. The house measures 21 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. There are 4 floors in the main house and two in the garage section, which is detachable.

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